Swedish Massage Demonstration

In this first video, I show a live demonstration of Swedish Massage techniques. Swedish Massage is the most common massage in the western world.

Reflexology Demonstration

In this second video, I share a couple of my favorite reflexology techniques. Reflexology is commonly known as a foot massage. However, reflexology also includes the hands, the ears, or any part of the body that when stimulated, produces an affect on another part of the body.

Myofascial Release

In this video, I will show you a demonstration of Myofascial Release. I have found this to be an effective treatment for lower back pain. I like to start bodywork sessions with Myofascial Release.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is the healing energy that moves through the hands of a Reiki practitioner into the body of another. The touch is very light or even slightly off the body. In Reiki, the intention to heal or send the healing energy is everything.

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